Shadowrun: Misfits

The Last Good Day
Was Yesterday

What to say? This is a tough one. 3 men down. 1 hour. It was a hard day. In the aftermath of the last run, and moving towards the wednesday night date between Princess Natasha, and Jack Thanh, Princess and Deacon went shopping and bullied Jack into coming. This turned into a night-long affair of an expensive dinner.

Meanwhile, Crash and Hornet went out on errands, picking up drugs and poison from a contact, and then going to go hunt for Growling Wolf, who Webs had estranged from the group. They found someone, perceivably working for Growling wolf, and benton switched off his com to have a conversation with him. This spooked Hornet who he had left down stairs, and the dwarf bolted up the stairs of the abandoned apartment building they were in, and reached the floor just in time to take a bullet in the chest from the man that crash was talking to, who had been spooked by the sudden approach of a new face.

Hornet tried to cast a spell, Crash tried to stop him. some more rounds flew, and then the guy was gone. They darted upstairs to the roof (why? You’ll have to ask them) and found only his tracks leading away from the building. The two argued, and hornet shot Crash, citing tit-for-tat as his logic.

Crash, still in a very bad way from the run on the auction house, survived the bullet, but stumbled back to the crater where Wolf had kept his yurt, and just lay down. Hornet watched over him, and Webs was on his way with coffee and donuts, when a pack of strange wolf-like creatures arrived and started making for Crash. Crash ran, but not fast enough, and Hornet cast the wrong spell at the wrong time.

There was one on him, hamstringing him, then another pinning him to the ground, and muzzling his jaws in, before ripping out, sending a crimson spray pollocking across the dry dirt of the barrens.

Hornet, desperate to save his comrade’s life, pulled his amulet (the Aztech fucker that’s a shake-and-bake Add Blood For Demon kinda thing) bit his hand, and bled on the amulet and tried to throw it before it activated.

Webs was running up right now, and he happens to come in view just in time to his friend up on a pile of junk, throw something. Suddenly, as if it had always been there, a huge, gorilla-like form, stood behind his friend in the dying light. Hornet tried to run, but the thing got him by the ankle, lifted him up, and sunk rows of shark-teeth into his side, and came away with a big chunk of the Warmage’s torso.

Webs ran.
There might have been some tears.

Meanwhile, Princess, Deacon, and Jack are on their way to the apartment to “freshen up” before going out to club. Really they were going to taze his ass and kidnap him. On the way they found a lonestar crime-scene setup, and the thin legs of ducky’s child’s teacher sticking out of a dumpster. All the adverse forces converging.

Regardless of the way things were going, they continued as planned; hopped in the elevator and tazed Thanh.

Here it got a little messy. It hurt Thanh, but it didn’t take him down. He tazed Deacon right back, sending the warmage into an unconscious stupor (not a good day for warmages,) and ran. Bishop, who, very intelligently, had been in the apartment this whole time, chased him down, tackled him, and dragged him up to the apartment. They strapped him to the med-bay, and were beginning a question session with him, which was not going the way they’d hoped.

Ducky went out for food.
And then KE raided the place.

They came in, rappelling down the balcony, and through the front door, even with that new biometric lock on it. KE HITRET (High Threat Respone Team,) coppers geared up like they were going to war dragged everyone out into the living room. When they went into the Decker hovel, where Reptar and MuRf were hanging out, MuRf struggled, and they put him down. Back to the mud or just into the carpet. Two bullets. Lots of brain, skull pieces, and intwined hair.
Strangely enough, KE had a job offer for the group, in addition to a fair amount of insults, and some beatings. And then they left.

And the idiots forgot the senator’s son.

A few nice words, and a Laes cigarette later, Jack was on his way home a little more forgetful than he had been ever before, and the runners had gained one coin that had seemed to bring him a lot of strangely lucrative luck.
He said he didn’t owe the Yaks, and that they actually owed him. A 10k nuyen debt. Chump change to that “honorable” house, but still, Yaks don’t like racking up debt unless it’s in their favor.

Then, the unexpected.

Helecopters overhead, trucks in the streets. They ran up to the roof to find the UCAS military zipping toward the Renraku Arcology, 4 blocks from the apartment. The Arc, lit up like a christmas tree. Alive. It’s missile batteries came alive, streaking orange across the night sky, chasing the helicopters streaking into their evasive maneuvers, and bringing two down into surrounding neighborhoods.

Webs starts recording. Everyone freaks a little.

Princess calls up Jack who thinks he missed their date, gets him to swing down, and gets the fuck outta dodge, heads back to his swanky ass place uptown.

People don’t sleep much.

In the morning, the military has sealed off the streets leading to the Arc, and chelsea is having breakfast in bed. Will’s feed has gone viral.
And that’s about it. 3 dead. The Arc down the street in a weird way, and how many civvies dead because of that deamon-creature that got summoned in the barrens.

All in all, a pretty bad fraggin’ day.

buying guns, learning about Jesus

This was a short one.

Well, Webs and Deacon visited the church a block north and got Webs enrolled in a catechism class. Webs made a scene and came home, and there was some awkward racist interaction with a troll who healed his wound cuz he’s a crybaby.

Jenny paid Webs for the manuscript deal they’d made and cash got doled out.

Ducky got a visit from his daughter’s teacher who dropped off something his daughter had drawn, and he confirmed that he wanted the run on horizon to happen.

Sarge came over, and shopping was happening.

Oh, and Bishop, put some money down with Gritz to outfit the apartment with some corp-level security.

All in all, a pretty good few hours.


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